Our commitments

Katamkera Commitments


To propose journeys to responsible travellers who are looking for a more fair and natural world with a share and respectful mind

To involve village communities in our tourist programmes to improve their livelihood with homestays programmes and cultural exchange meetings

To support the conservation and protection of natural areas and wildlife

To developp people ‘s awareness of environmental issues and ecosystems préservation.

To work  with local and small entreprises commited in a sustainable or ecofriendly way or NGO.

To support local and social empowerment with a focus on marginalized population like women, children or tribal population.

To help the Handicrafts or Art development with a fair distribution of economic benefits and outspread with sales and trade fair.

To give 5% of each trip to the development funds for a social project in the hosted régions.

To give a full transparency of our financial account to our members or partners.