Yoga and indian medicine

Culture,Yoga and indian medicine

Pondicherry – Tamil Nadu (South India)

6 days / 585 €  from Chennai

You will stay at the premier Eco Center offering people an enjoyable nature based experience.
This place is situated on a white sandy beach finged with coconut trees at the edge of the Indian Ocean with a beautiful view of the Bay of Bengal. It is ideally located, just 23 km from the main city Pondicherry.
Here one can relax, learn about Indian Medecine, experience the natural wellbeing with special baths, yoga, massage and enjoying in the indian way of life.
One can depart from here with increased vigour and happiness.

This is a beautiful eco friendly paradise, that encompasses the beautiful vista of the golden beach. The non polluted environment is natural and is an integral part of the Eco system.

You can spend your time swimming in the ocean, relaxing in the garden in the library or welcoming the rising sun with yoga on the terrace.

Situated in the center of a luxurious garden, the naturalist guide, Jaya will show you some indigenous trees and local botanical species. She will also explain to you about different medicinal plants.

A specialist in traditionnal indian medecine will introduce you to ayurvedic massage and gives a lesson on the culinary delights of Tamil cooking.

There would be a visit to an ancient french trading company. Pondicherry has evolved into a teeming Indian city which still retains the french quarter. The place has a special atmosphere with many colonial style buildings and beautiful luxurious gardens.

There would be a full day excursion to the sanctuaries of Mahabalipuram*, which is situated along the Coromandel coast. It has now been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
* Mahabalipuram = The scultptures and monuments carved out of rock were built by the Pallava dynasty in the 7th and 8th centuries. One can see the rathas temples in the form of charriots), mandapas ( cave sanctuaries), giant open-air reliefs , the famous “Descent of the Ganges and the Shore Temple with thousands of scultures carved to the glory of Shiva.

Trip highlights

Beach and sea swiming in the Indian Ocean.

1 full day to learn about Indian plants and tradtional Medecine.

3 Yoga lessons.

1 Ayurvedic massage.

1 Tamil cooking lesson.

Guided tour of Pondicherry.

Excursion to Mahabalipuram.

Ecofriendly and sustainable travel

The eco center  is also a learning center which has been initiated to imbibe Gandhian principles , spend time for field research and gain understanding about coastal conservation.

The center finances social and environmental projects meant for the poor in India . They are keen to instill synergies between students, researchers and social workers.

The  team believes in an ecofriendly society which respects biodiversity, food sovereignity and the right of rural people to define their own culture.
They are convinced that when drafting food policies appropriate measures should be taken to cater to local aspirations.

They work with local communities which include fishermen and merchants. They organize cleaning campaigns and swiming classes for children. They organize support for green schools by helping them to become self reliant and have campaign about renewable energy, mindless consumption, water conservation through rain water harvesting and, waste management.

Day 1

A center representative wait for you at Chennai airport to take you to the center (3h30).

Orientation and welcome in the morning.


Overview, philosophiy and programme.
Time to relax on the beach or for plunging in for a swim in the sea.


Day 2

Yoga class at 7 am on the terrace. Enjoy the sun rise on the Bay of Bengal.

Indian breakfast at 9.30

Walk in the Botanical garden,  admire the local and médicinal plants. The guide will give a description about the plants and related environmental issues in the area.

Fresh and natural lunch is served.

During the afternoon a specialist will come to speak about ayurvedic médecine, healthy food and curative spices.

In the evening one can enjoy time at the beach or spend time in the library where you can find many books on different topics like sustainabiity, fair trade or ecology.

Dinner and special dance performance by local artists (10 persons only).

Day 3

Yoga class at 7 am.


Ayurvedic massage with medicinal oils and sesame oil.

The cook prepares a spécial lunch with fresh vegetables from the garden.

After lunch visit Pondicherry*, the ancient french trading company founded by François Martin in 1674.

* Pondicherry or Puducherry city has been planned and built on the french grid pattern and features perpendicular streets.
The french administration of Pondichéry began In 1674. François Martin the first governor, initiated ambitious projects to transform Pondicherry from a small fishing village into a flourishing port-town.  The french rule commenced in 1816 and cane to an end in 1947 till the final merging with the Indian Union in 1954. Puducherry now has a large number of indian residents with a few non-Indian residents having french passports. They are descendants fom those who chose to remain french when the french establishment presented the residents with an option to either remain french or become indians at the time of Puducherry’s transfer to India in 1954.

Return to the center for the dinner.
Movie  in the evening.

Day 4

Departure at 7 am for Mahabalipuram  (2h30).

Visit a salt pan where the salt is still harvested with hands, on the road.

Visit the Pallava’s dynasty site (a UNESCO site dated from the 7th and 8th centuries), such as Rathas (temples in the form of chariots), Mandapas (cave sanctuaries), the famous giant open-air reliefs ‘Descent of the Ganges’.

Picnic at the place.

Visit the Shore temple with thousands of sculptures to the glory of Shiva.

Return in the evening to Catamaran for the dinner.

Day 5

Yoga class at 7 a.m.


Visit the village in the morning. One will discover rural India where 70% of India’s population are living.

In the afternoon there would be a tamil cooking lesson or one can take time to enjoy the beach.

There is an option to enjoy the meals one has cooked and to play a local game “carom” in the evening.

Day 6

Departure after the breakfast for the airport or to Chennai railways station or the place of one’ choice.

This is beautiful and peaceful place renewal and rejuvenation. The accomodation is situated in the middle of a very big garden with a door opening directly on to a beautiful clean beach.
The buildings are built with natural, traditionnal materials ( terra cotta ,bricks walls ) around nice patios with coconut palms, trees and flowers.
The rooms are simple and elegant with an attached bathroom.
They are decorated with cane furnitures to bought to support the cane workers of the village of Kollidam in Tamil Nadu.
Laundry facilities.
Electricity is generated making use wind turbine and hot water is produced with solar pannels.




Available all the year.

The best season is between december and march when it is cool and salubrious. It is very hot in may and june. The weather is pleasant from july to october, though it can get hot with occasional cloudy weather and rain. The moonson season is from mid october to december.

The confirmation for reservation is on a first come first serve basis.


The price is per person, on double occupancy to a room.



All the meals.

Welcome at the airport by our représentative and AC Taxi transferts from Chennai to Catamaran, round trip.

Repatriation insurance.

All activities of the program, including yoga and massage.

All excursions to Puducherry and Mahabalipuram.

English guide for the entire duration of the stay.

Entrance fees for various visits including for museums mentioned in the program.

Dance performance (For 10 persons only).

5% for the developement fund.

Not included

International Airfares, visa fees and all taxes and extra fees, all local transport which are not in the programme.

Subscription fees.

Cancelling insurance.

All drinks like fresh juices, beer and other alcoholic beverages and snacks.

Drivers and services tips.

Options – extensions

There is an Option to extend stay for one or two extra days to visit Gingee Fort or for an excursion to Thiruvanamalai (Sacred hill, temple, Ramana Maharshi ashram).
Please consult us in case of a decision to take the optional tour.