Kerala ‘s hidden secrets

Kerala ‘s hidden secrets

Kerala (South India)

14 days / 798 € from Bangalore

You will discover Kerala, whilst having homestay experiences and savoring true indian village community life, a very quiet and leisurely travel, very far from the usual tourist ‘s paths. Enjoy the deep and amazing keralaes culture, mesmerise your eyes in front of wonderful landscapes, meet and share with local people.

Sweet land blessed by the gods, Kerala has all the jewels one can dream of. The place was famous for its beauty for from ancient times. It is luxuiriant with its coconut trees lined lagoons, long white sandy beaches, paddy fields and tea plantations. Magnificent, blue mountains covered with the jungle whispering at night and unbeatable a fauna fill the landscape. The most captivating offer is being hosted by the sweet and loving people.

Take the opportunity while in Kerala to cross the border to visit the Maharaja’s city Mysore in South Karnataka and also to meet a community of tribal children at a nearby village in HD Kote.

Breath the pure and simple atmosphère of a peaceful and ecofriendly village at Wayanad in North Western Ghats and recollect the story of the old trader city of Calicut on the Malabar coast where every night by candlelight, some young boys are training to the very old martial art of Kalaripayattu.

You travel by boat on the rivers between Allepey and Cochin to admire the birds of Vambanad lake and meet fishermen communities and women working in mussels processing unit.

Trip Highlights

Free travel including accomodation, half board or full board, all transports and local guides.

Sharing views and exchanging understanding of each others culture with the locals.

Village and forest walks with a guide.

Boat trip and  sunset on the backwaters.

Kathakali and Kalaripayattu performances*.

Visit cultural cites of Kochi and Mysore.

* Kathakali and Kalaripayattu are dance and martial art,  deeply rooted in the Keralae culture.

Sustainable travel

Kabani the other direction is a non-profit entity, working and campaigning against the negative impact of tourism on local communities and their resources.
Their prime objectives are sustainable socio–economic development of local communities and conservation of natural resources that provide the basis of community livelihood.
In order to achieve these objectives, they are carrying out research about the side-effects of mass tourism and the ways to change it, advocacy and campaigns about these issues“. They also provides education activities to promote sustainability in the context of tourism and development.

Kabani and the village community with URAVU have developped the concept of the” Bamboo village”to help to create a more sustainable community and future for the villagers in the village of Thrikkaipetta, Wayanad.
  The programme includes the establishment of sustainable rural micro enterprises, organic farming, waste management and sustainable energy systems, an annual Jackfruit Festival and a community tourism initiative.

Several homestays have been created bringing an additional income for local people and developing a community fund that allows continuous improvement of the village.

The concept is being developped in Alappuzha, a beach and backwater tourism destination.

Day 1


A taxi will pick you up at Bangalore’s airport (4h) to the eco lodge facing the lake Kabini in HD Kotte. Relaxing day, enjoy lunch time and the beautiful garden. Boating in the Kabini lake with coracles*.

In the evening, visit at the children collège to meet the tribal children community with the members of the NGO “Pipal Tree”.

* Coracles are circular indian boats.

Jour 2


Day trip (1h30) in Mysore with your local guide.
Visit the Maharaja Palace during the morning with audio commentary. The Mysore Palace was the official residence and seat of the Wodeyars, Maharajas of Mysore from 1399 to 1950. The palace includes magnificent halls, courtyards, gardens and buildings. Every autumn, the Palace is the venue for the famous Dussehra, during which a parade with caparisoned elephants and floats originate from the palace grounds.

Visit Chamundi hills during the afternoon. The place has a very nice and colourful athmosphere where you can view the city from a different perspective.

Return to HD Cote in the evening for dinner.

Day 3

Magge – Wayanad

Safari in Nagarhole Forest very early in the morning. This park has an extraordinary rich biodivesity and belongs to Nilgiris biosphère. It is one of the sanctuaries designated for Project Tiger*.

Breakfast and departure with taxi for Wayanad mountains to the small village of Thrikkaipetta (2h30) a traditional and agricultural village, surrounded by rice fields, tea plantations and flanked by the Westen Ghaats. Once arrived in the village, you will be welcomed by your host family where you ‘ll stay 2 nights.

*  1700 tigers have been recorded as per the census.There are 47 tigers in this Reserve on 643 Km2.

Day 4


Walk with your village guide through the spice and vegetables gardens, rice fields and other crops plantations. Visit to craft centre of the Bamboo village where Uravu established a sustainable and responsible business and meet the women who work indifferent units.

Day 5


Full day trekking to Chambra Peak (5hours) with a local guide and mesmerize your eyes with beautiful views on the mountains. You can see a lake with a heart shape.

Transfer to Mothakkara village.

Day 6

Wayanad – Mothakkara

You are welcome here by the women of the village.

Village walk in this beautiful village with a woman guide.

Trekking in the afternoon for Banasura hills and meeting with tribal people living there.

Day 7

Wayanad – Mothakkara

Trekking in a tea plantation (Prayarshini Tea Estate) and visit tea factory and museum.

Day 8 


Journey with taxi (3h) to Calicut, old zamorins capital on the Malabar coast. On the road, lunch stop in Sargaalaya to visit the handicrafts center financed by Kerala région. Arrival in Beypore near Calicut for two nights in your guest house, a traditional keralan house near a beautiful beach . Relax on the beach and in the garden.
Proposition to visit Kappad beach for those want to see the place where Vasco de Gama the portuguese navigator has landed in 1498.

Day 9


Guided tour of the city of Calicut*
To discover also one of the best fish curry of Kerala in a very famous restaurant.
At 6 pm, Kalaripayattu* performance.

* Calicut was the biggest port of the coast in the 13th century was a trading spot for all merchants from all around the world.
Less known than its rival Cochin, this busy city was famous for its spices and is really charming for those who w’ll take time to walk in the market place or in the big bazar.

*Kalaripayattu means in malayalam “the place of exercices”and is one of the oldest martial art in the world. It includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods. Kerala. The kalaripayattu was spread across to chinese borders by Bodhi dharman, who was a buddhist preacher. The system of treatment and massage, and the assumptions about practice are closely associated with ayurveda. The purpose of medicinal oil massage is to increase the practitioners’ flexibility, to treat muscle injuries incurred during practice.

Day 10

Calicut – Allepey

Train for south Kerala ( 5h). Arrival at Chertala where a taxi is waiting to take you to your family in Arrathapuzza, near Allepey for 2 nights.

Your home is a homestay managed by a women community of the village.

Visit small entreprises run by women (bags unit, coir factory).

Sunset and dinner in front of chinese nests.

Day 11


The place is in the heart of the backwaters but very far from tourist areas. Described as the “Venice of the East”, you will experience the magic beauty of this place. The backwaters are places where all naturals elements cohabit together, and where Human beings try to leave in harmony with nature for thousand years. Between water and earth, the land has many secrets awaiting for you with picturesque canal, beaches and lagoons.
Early morning , visit prawn and mussels processing units, operated by women, relax on small boats sailing on the canals, walk by the backwaters and open your mind and spirit when visiting temples.
Meeting with the people of the NGO Gandhi Smaraka GSK to visit different workshops like a coir processing society and boating.

Day 12 – 13 


Journey for Kochi* (2h).
Two free days. You ‘ll stay in a homestay in the old area of Fort kochi where you can visit the places by foot.

Walk in the streets, flanked by a mix of Portuguese, Dutch, and British old style houses, visit the churches, synagogue, and colourful spices market or just enjoy a scenic view at the waterfront with a series of pre-colonial Chinese fishing nets. Chill out to a sunset cruise.

Appreciate a Kathakali*performance.

* Kochi was a fishing village in the Kingdom of Kochi in the pre-colonial Kerala. From the following colonial history, Kochi inherited its architecture.

Kathakali is a multi-centuries aged traditional dance featuring professionals colourfully dressed and make-up. The elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements are presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. It originated in the country’s present day state of Kerala during the 17th century and has developed over the years with improved looks.

Day 14


Departure after breakfast.

Taxi to the airport of Kochi for you return flight or following your travel.






Available all the year.
The most pleasant season is between september and may, june, july and august are moonson seasons.


Price for a group of 4 persons: 798 € from Bangalore.

Price for a group of 2 persons: 998 € from Bangalore.

Price includes

Assistance and repatriation insurances: medical and rapatriation  fees.

All the meals exept the two days in Cochin where only breakfasts are included and the 2 days in Calicut and the day in Mysore where the lunch is not included.

All transports noted in the program.

Local english speaking guides.

Excursions and visits including taxi and entrance fees.

Price not includes

International airfares, visa fees and all taxes and extra fees, all local transport who are not on the programme.

Cancelling  insurances.

All drinks like fresh juices, beer and other alcoholic beverage and snacks.

Drivers and services tips.

Options- Extensions

Possibility to change or extend some stays in the different places. Please contact us.