To the roots of Ayurveda in South India

To the roots of Ayurveda 

Tamil Nadu (South India)

10 jours / 1038 € from Cochin

Holistic approach of ayurvedic therapy and its benefits on the body and the mind.

As the ermitages and ashrams of ancient India, the cultural and spiritual retreat center  has been built in a serene and peaceful atmosphere of a natural eco-system. Located at the foothills of the Western Ghats and close to the beautiful Aliyar Lake, this “Vedic Village” offers authentic Ayurvedic treatments in its traditional pure form under the expert guidance of a Vaidya (doctor) combined with a spiritual practice (yoga, meditation or any other form of sadhana).

Ayurveda Herbal Medicine

The sanskrit word for health ‘Swasthya’ – established in the self – indicates that self realization is the basis for perfect health.

Inspiration and revival of Ayurveda, the science of life, stems from the vedic civilization of India and stands as the most ancient and comprehensive health system in the world. The term Ayurveda combines two Sanskrit words – ‘Ayu’ which means life, and ‘Veda’ which means knowledge or science. In Ayurveda, perfect health is defined as “a balance between body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing.”

Ayurveda is based on the theory of tridoshas. This theory explains how the five elements air, fire, water, earth and ether, which make up physical creation, dynamically combine to manage all processes within the human physiology. The five elements are the basic building blocks of all life and through them we can determine the fundamental nature, called the constitution of the individual. It is a comprehensive system of healthcare that works toward prescribing a way of life, rather than a treatment of specific diseases and disorders. The skill of the practitioner lies in identifying a person’s unique constitution, (according to the tridosha system), diagnosis the cause of the imbalance and deciding on the herbal protocol.

Our constitutional balance influences how the body and mind will tend to react when experiencing a particular stimulus, such as food, herb, weather, or emotions. By recognizing and maintaining an individual’s constitution, Ayurveda can teach each person how to achieve his or her own state of health.

Activities within the center

Inspiring classes on different aspects of vedic science and its art forms.

Ayurveda for health, therapeutic treatments, diet and lifestyle.

Yoga and meditation (There are two options : Ayurveda or Ayurveda and yoga).

Jyotish (astrology) for aligning with the universal natural energies.

Vaastu (ancient indian architecture) for living in harmony with nature.

Vedic chanting for spiritual uplifting.

Classical indian music and dance.

Cooking aryurvedic class:  kitchen includes traditional leafy greens, many millet varieties, indigenous dairy, organic grains, cereals, spices, cold pressed oils, natural palm sugar, farm produced fruits, vegetables, forest honey and more.

Day visits to the Aliyar dam lake, enchanting waterfalls and ancient temples in nearby villages will give you an insight into the simplicity and naturalness of rural life in India.

Optional activities at the Bio-organic farm

Plucking fresh organic vegetables and greens for the  kitchens.

Plucking flowers and jasmine for sale and use in ritualistic daily ceremonies.

De-weeding and preparing fields for sowing – Ploughing traditional style with our Bullocks or manual weeding – Sowing of new saplings.

Assisting in the Kamdhenu Gowshala (dairy) in daily chores of cleaning, washing and feeding the animals (under supervision only).

Applying herbal organic composts or manure to the fruit and veg fields.

Take a short ride with our bullock driven cart on the canal mud road.


A very special wellness trip taking place in a gorgeous natural eco-system.

Delightful cultural, spiritual and farming activities within the Retreat Vedic Center.

Enchanting outings to the surrounding villages and the Aliyar Lake

Endless feelings of relaxation & total escapism during the entire stay

Day 1

Pick up at the Cochin airport (or hotel) and drop to the  center.

AC taxi. 200 km. 3h30 by road. Installation at the center, rest and diner.

Day 2

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

(Extra activities of yoga & meditation are available before the breakfast).

Consultation with Doctor Abilash Anand, who will be following the patients during the week.

After a pulse examination and a detailed medical health questionnaire, the physician will decide on the cure and diet. Morning aryurvedic treatment starts.

Lunch 1 to 2pm.

Evening aryurvedic treatment.

Diner 7 to 8pm.

Musical and classical dance program by Kerala’s artists at night.

*Precise schedules for treatment will be given to the patients on arrival.

Day 3

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Morning aryurvedic treatment.

Lunch 1 to 2pm.

Botanical walk in the gardens with a guide. Introduction to wild variety of medicinal plants used in Aryurveda.

The Art of folding a sari and other indian traditions (demonstration).

Evening aryurvedic treatment.

Diner 7 to 8pm.

Day 4

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Morning aryurvedic treatment.

Lunch 1 to 2pm.

Theoretical course on Ayurveda (Debate, question/answer)

Evening aryurvedic treatment.

Diner 7 to 8pm.

Day 5

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Morning aryurvedic treatment.

Lunch 1 to 2pm.

Thematic promenade in the gardens: the science of Vaastu.

Evening aryurvedic treatment.

Diner 7 to 8pm.

Day 6

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Morning aryurvedic treatment.

Lunch 1 to 2pm. Theoretical course on Ayurvedic diet. Cooking training.

Evening aryurvedic treatment.

Diner 7 to 8pm.

Day 7

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Morning aryurvedic treatment.

Lunch 1 to 2pm.

Evening aryurvedic treatment.

Fire ceremony (Yagya) with mantra’s recitation & chanting.

Diner 7 to 8pm.

Day 8

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Outing day to the hill station Valparai (40 km)

Tea estate visit. Lunch at the tea factory bungalow.

Ornithological promenade with a guide.

Back to the center.

Diner 7 to 8pm.

Day 9

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Outing day. Aliyar village. Gandhien ashram near Anamalai.

Lunch and diner at the ashram which follows Gandhi’s philosophy and precepts.

Afternoon :Introduction to the transcendental meditation technics of Maharishi Mahesh (who has been the spiritual guru of Martin Scorcese and the Beatles) one hour course.

Night: Dance and chanting.

Back to the center.

Day 10

Breakfast 8 to 9 am.

Taxi drop to Cochin airport or hotel (for those who like to extend their stay in Kerala*)

* See with us


Timing is all over the year but booking at least 6 months in advance.


For a group of 6 persons minimum.

The price is a price by person based on a double occupancy.

Possibility to organize the flight journey from Europe.


The full board  (vegetarian food and alcohol not allowed).

The transport by taxi (AC) from Cochin airport (or hotel in Cochin) to Maitrevi center and back.

The repatriation insurance.

The doctor consultation on arrival and following days

The ayurvedic treatments (2 per day during 6 days).

All the courses, activities and outing mentioned on the program.

The tea breaks, coffee, biscuits at the Satsang cafeteria.

5% for the developement fund.

Not included

The international flight tickets, airport taxes, indian visa.

The registration fees.

The cancellation insurance.

The hotel in Cochin (1 or 2 nights according to flight schedule or extension of stay).

The medicinal treatment to carry back (prescribed by the ayurvedic doctor).

Laundry at the center.

Extra consultation and treatment (others than mentioned on the program).

The tips (compulsory in India for the staff, drivers).

Personal outing and other services or activities not mentioned on the program.