Our Values

Ecotourism and Sustainable Trips


We ‘d like to take you in the heart of the countries, culture and very deep and ancestral traditions…

In homestays or in small guesthouses or ecolodges whose owners are commited in a sustainable or ecological way…

In small paradises to enjoy untouched nature with naturalist guides to learn and share with sea or botanical biodiversity specialists or organic farmers,  to meat committed people in alternative projects.

We are proposing  a soft and human tourism that will be never only tourism but a tool of development for rural population avoiding négative effects on the local people and environment.

To help avoiding more and more people have to leave theirs villages and go to the cities to find a job  and because we think that population livelihood and environment conservation are closely linked , we are working with entreprises, NGO or people who are working to improve livelihood with supplementary income for rural communities with actions around , food sovereinty , organic farming, environment éducation , self energy , fairtrade and handicrafts .

Allocation of the price for each trip

Between 70%and 75%  for the local parnership,

5% for the Katamkera development fund of a project ( price of Air ticket not included).

Between 20% and 25% for Katamkera operating Costs and bénéfices.