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 The Elisabeth and Rosie centre for adivasi education

Katamkera supports a center for adivasi education in Magge, a small village situated in Karnataka, South India. Pipal Tree, a non-­profit trust based in Bangalore, has initiated a home for  poor adivasi (tribal) children who live deep in the forest and have no access to secondary school education. Called ‘Children’s College’, it is located next to a government high school, which the children attend.

There are hundreds of adivasi children who still do not go to school in the area around Nagarhole forest. Hunger, malnutrition and illiteracy will be their lot in the years to come if there is no effort to respond to their situation. Many of the children migrate with their parents to find work in the coffee and tea plantations of Coorg and Wayanad. The life of the migrant worker is extremely precarious and many of the adults turn alcoholics to cope with the stress.

Were it not for Children’s College most of these children would have dropped out of school. All of them are first generation school goers and require a sensitive environment to motivate them to continue their education in the face of many odds. At Children’s College, where the children stay, a well-knit support system is provided for the child in terms of academic tutoring, supplementary life skills development activities and a culturally relevant environment. This process is facilitated and driven by the active participation of their parents and members from the larger community.

This process will eventually provide the children secure livelihood options thereby breaking the cycle of poverty that they face today. Emphasis is laid on ensuring that each child develops empowering leadership qualities through which their transition into a responsible adult is made possible.

Pipal Tree started the Children’s College in June 2011 with 10 young boys in response to an urgent need. To day, in 2017, the children’s home is going to welcome 15 girls because more fragile and endangered.

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Pipal Tree
Fireflies Intercultural Centre
Dinnepalya, Kaggalipura P.O. Bangalore-­‐560082, India
Phone: +91-­‐9620661111 and +91-­‐9538226654
Email: childrenscollege.pipaltree@gmail.com
Website: pipaltree.org.in





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